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Puerta de Monfragüe Hotel ELE Map in Malpartida de Plasencia

Puerta de Monfragüe Hotel ELE's Map

Map Hotel in Malpartida de Plasencia

The ELE Puerta de Monfragüe Hotel is a hotel in Malpartida, Plasencia, one of the most charming towns in the area, just 1 hour from the centre of Caceres. Located only at a short distance from Parque de la Isla, this hotel is just 12 km from the centre of Plasencia and near the dam of Valdelinares, near the Jerte Valley and the region of Vera.

From this hotel in Malpartida in Plasencia you can visit one of the best areas in the province of Caceres, visit Mount Valcorchero and the Montfrague National Park.

Puerta de Monfragüe Hotel ELEPuerta de Monfragüe Hotel ELE

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN Malpartida de Plasencia

  • Bus StationIt is located 7.51km away from the hotel
  • Train StationIt is located 7.76km away from the hotel
  • PlasenciaIt is located 8.28km away from the hotel
  • Valcorchero MountainIt is located 10.79km away from the hotel
  • Monfragüe National ParkIt is located 11.56km away from the hotel


DEPARTURE: Puerta de Monfragüe Hotel ELE

ARRIVAL: Puerta de Monfragüe Hotel ELE